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Webpage Administration Ostrava

The work usually does not end with creating webpages. After putting the website online, we provide following services such as website administration and management as well. The contract with the customer (SLA - Servis Level Agreement) defines provided services and a response time. Common parts of the SLA include supervision, monitoring, customer support, security updates, patches, data actualization, etc. The customer can hand over the entire website management process to the supplier and at the same time he has guaranteed website availability.

If you do already have webpages online, you migt be interested in following services:

Website Management Services

  • PPC campaign management and SEO

  • Website monitoring

  • Content update, copywriter

  • Security Patches and Updates

  • Hit counter

  • Social networks involvment

  • Website hosting

  • Technical and customer support

More on web related services...

Learn more about services provided by ARTIO or contact us directly to arrange a meeting or to request a quote.

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