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How do I remove the /index.php/ from my URLs?

Last revised:
Freitag, 30. Mai 2014


If /index.php/ part is still present in your URLs after installing JoomSEF, make sure you met all the requirements as described in JoomSEF's Documentation.

1. Check that mod_rewrite is installed, enabled and configured in your .htaccess file (if you use Apache web server) or some other URL rewriting method is working correctly (if you use IIS or some other web server)
2. Make sure that System - ARTIO JoomSEF Joomla! plugin is enabled
3. Make sure that JoomSEF itself is enabled in JoomSEF's Configuration
4. Make sure that Joomla! Search Engine Friendly URLs and Apache mod_rewrite options are both enabled in Joomla! Global Configuration
5. Make sure that you have all your caches cleared or disabled (mainly check the Joomla! Cache, System - Cache plugin and any 3rd party caching components like JotCache)


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