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Image related PDF generation error

Last revised:
Montag, 21. November 2011


If you encounter error such as TCPDF ERROR: [Image] Unable to get image: ... the possible reasons are either:

  • the image path is incorrect
  • the image is in unsupported format

Wrong Image Path

TCPDF uses relative image paths (relative to your Joomla system root). Make sure that if you add an image to an invoice template, that the path is correct and can be found.

As this is acting differently on various servers, the latest VM Invoice installation include configuration option to choose between absolute and relative image paths. Try changing the option to see which one works fine for your server.

Unsupported Image Format

Please note that TCPDF (the PDF generation engine used by VM Invoice) does not support some types of PNG images. If you encounter an image error and you are sure the path is correct than this could be a reason. The TCPDF error messages may be a bit misleading sometimes.

In such case, try resaving the image e.g. as GIF or as 8-bit PNG without transparency and try again.


You may switch on debugging temporarily to learn more about data being feeded to the PDF generation.


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