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PDF invoice takes up too much space

Last revised:
Mittwoch, 16. April 2014


PDF invoice generated by TCPDF contains information about selected font.

VM Invoice have these basic fonts:
1. Basic charset (Symbol) - smaller invoices
2. Basic charset + Western Europe (Courier, Helvetica, Times) 
3. Full utf-8 charset (Free Sans) - larger invoices

If you have only english invoices and selected currency is dollar, then use fonts with basic charset. Final PDF fonts will be smaller. When you need special characters (e.g. cyrillic letters, chinese characters etc.), you have 2 possibilities:

1. Use Free Sans from VM Invoice, but PDF will be larger.
2. Or generate your own PDF fonts from ttf. You can use VM Invoice generator in:
  Global Configuration -> Page Appearance -> PDF Font
  or use any other online TCPDF font generator.

You can upload generated fonts manually to:


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