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General Support Rules

These General Support Rules (GSR) were created in order to give our customer hints how to apply for support, to optimize the support process and maximize its availability and quality.

Also it gives general view on what is considered to be part of the support you get when purchasing one of our products and what already falls within paid support (extra service). We do not want to be strict on these as sometimes the borders are not clear, but want to provide at least a basic clue.

When to Apply for Support?

Please, remember that our team has only limited capacity and that the number of support inquiries we can handle is limited. Before you decide to contact our support team, please make sure to:

  • download and study the product manual first to make sure answer to your question is not described in it
  • read FAQs related to the product
  • search in previously solved support cases in our support forums to check if the problem was not already addressed there

How to Apply for Support?

 If you came to conslusion you are unable to find answer to your problem in the sources, mentioned above, please, see Technical Support page to see how to apply for your support level.

When applying for support, always remember to:

  • describe your probles as preciselly as possibly
  • try to attach any related error messages outputted or found in logs
  • mention your environment (Linux/Windows) and applicable versions (PHP, Joomla/Magento, component version, ...)
  • attach any screenshots that may help understand the problem

This helps us work effectivelly and solve more support cases.

What IS Included in Product Support

Following paragraph describes what we consider to be part of the support you get when you purchase a product from us. The duration of such support is limited to time when your support period is active (generally 1 year from purchase unless prolonged).

  • product configuration issues and hints; how to setup the product corectly to achieve what you want
  • user-oriented support (how to perform certain tasks effectivelly)
  • assistance in resolving conflicts with other components (limited to identification of possible reasons of conflict, not involving any changes in code)
  • bug-related problems (when something is not working as supposed)

We will gladly provide also support tasks not mentioned above or mentioned in the next chanpter, however those will fall with the extra paid support, that is charged on hourly basis.

What IS NOT Included in Product Support

  • issues with your basic server environment configruation (such as web server, database server, mail server, etc.); these are task for your server administrator or we can do it as paid support service
  • developer-oriented support; hints on how to perform changes in code, custom adjustments, etc. (generally any task that require source code studying)
  • explanations related to Joomla API or any 3rd party APIs
  • doing the advised changes (our staff is here to advice you, not to implement the changes)
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