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New JoomSEF 4.2.0 and 3.9.0!

Ostrava, 28.11.2011 - We are releasing new major version of both JoomSEF 4 and 3. These version include several brand new and exciting features, such as 3rd level domain support for individual components, direct access to Google analytics with Flash charts, full-featured sitemaps, web-crawl functions, ...

JoomSEF 3/4 is a Joomla 1.5/1.6+1.7 component for improving Joomla SEO (search engine optimization). It rewrites Joomla URLs to be search engine friendly (SEF), helps to manage site meta tags.

New Features in JoomSEF 4.2.0 and 3.9.0

3rd-Level Domains Support

Exclusivelly with JoomSEF, you can now make use of 3rd level domains easily. Thanks to this, you can run your Joomla site on, your VirtueMart e-store at and blogs at, without need for complex web server configurations. You can also use this for separating different site language varsions, such as,, ...

Connection to Google Analytics, Page Rank and Page Speed

JoomSEF now can directly show the Google ranking of your URLs, including related data from Google Analytics presented using Flash Charts. It can also connect to Google's Page Speed API to help you optimize your site.

Beginner and Professional Modes for Easier Configuration

Not to scare newbies starting with JoomSEF and to provide full configuration options for experts, the configuration settins were revised and splitted into 2 modes: begginer mode with some advanced options hiden and professional mode with full features enabled.

Web-Crawl Function

JoomSEF can now automatically crawl your site to generate new SEF URLs, generate metadata, gather statistics, etc. Before, you had to click through the site manually or wait for your visitors to do that.

Sitemap Improvements

Compared to existing sitemap functionality, which relied to users interaction, JoomSEF will now generate sitemap automatically (for supported extensions).

Cron Planning

Regular maintenance task, such as metadata regeneration, URLs update, statistics generation, etc. can be now planned using JoomSEF cron planner.

Advanced Error Logging

New error logging features were added to help you track problems with site URLs and thus improve your users experience with your site.

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