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Support forums not providing support
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TOPIC: Support forums not providing support

Support forums not providing support 14 years, 9 months ago #8284

This is really a note of frustration not just at Artio but many of the other extension writers for Joomla.

Many seem to rely almost totally on forums to provide support and I really don't know if some know just how frustrating it is when trying to resolve a problem to have to hope that someone might respond to a posting. On occasion I have waited 6 months before getting a response, that was on a Google forum.

When an extension is free then one can only expect limited support, but if one has to pay, as I have done, for an extension then I really do expect to get a proper level of professional support.

I always check the FAQs before posting, though they always assume that there is no fault with the software.

So come on guys, show that you are different.

I should note that some of the extension writers have provided excellent and quick support.

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Re:Support forums not providing support 14 years, 9 months ago #8285

  • jaku

well, we do as much as we can but of course, our capacities for support are limited.
And to be honest, with a price of 25 EUR for component, you cannot expect "proffessional level" of support. This would not pay even a time of single person doing the support.

If you need really "proffessional support", you have to pay for it. That is how it works.

Re:Support forums not providing support 14 years, 9 months ago #8287

  • jaku
My previous post was moreless general.

Some more notes afterIchecking your original post:
Well, I thinik you did not read the FAQ carefully, as the problem you mentioned is described there.
Also, please, follow the forum rules (I have been missing your order number).

Btw. your original post was written 20 hours ago. What response time do you expect then??? Are you aware how much does e.g. cost 1h of support with 4h response time? :-)

Re:Support forums not providing support 14 years, 9 months ago #8288

Thank you for your response, that is appreciated.

Sometimes matters raised here are to do with issues concerning your build and not directly a result of a users lack of knowledge of your extension. I don't post willy nilly and generally not until I have exhausted other methods. You'll see I don't exactly post much as a result.

I have paid for support in the past with others and found I was effectively paying them to provide bug reports on their software.

You'll see that I have raised an issue that may well be just such a matter and I hope you'll be able to attend to it. If it's something stupid then I apologise, but I suspect that is not the case.



Re:Support forums not providing support 14 years, 9 months ago #8291

Our postings crossed.

I had seen the FAQ concerning this and it hadn't resolved the problem, at least it didn't without re-appending the url which I didn't want.

The only one I'm using of the options suggested is ignore multiple sources. I have also disabled the creation of new SEF URLs and I'm producing them manually. This seems to be the best solution I can find. The matter of the itemid does seem to be a problem and the automatically generated urls seem to often get this wrong. Could this be an issue with multiple menus?

Your product is excellent and I haven't found anything to match it.

Thank you for your responses. If you want I will find the original purchase details and forward them to you.

Re:Support forums not providing support 14 years, 9 months ago #8361

  • joe1
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It's important to be patient when you reach a problem. Jan's point is legitimate. This is a very inexpensive solution, so being clear in the forum, and spelling out exactly what the issue is thoroughly, can mean someone will respond in a day or two, and help solve your problem. Patience is the key.
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