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JoomSEF 1.x

Archived versions of ARTIO JoomSEF 1.x Joomla (1.0.x) SEO component.


ARTIO JoomSEF 1.2.3

Hits: 3511

This component rewrites Joomla! URLs to be Search Engine Friendly. It is continuation of the component previously named 404SEFx (or 404SEF for Mambo). Integrated JoomFish support. Further support for DocMan extenstion. This release fixes problem with numeric entities in URLs.

ARTIO JoomSEF 1.2.2

Hits: 3157

Security and pagination problem fix of 404SEFx. Also adds support for JoomFish and DocMan extensions. 404SEFx is a port of original 404SEF made for Mambo project. Because of security reasons, 404SEFx extension was discontinued in Joomla! Extenstions listing, this component was given a new name.
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