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JoomDOC 3/4 Features

Here you will find detailed description of individual features available in JoomDOC 3/4 Standard, Pro and Enterprise editions. Pro version offers automatic document versioning and full-text search in addition to Standard version and Enterprise version brings remote file editing using WebDAV in addition to Pro version.

JoomDOC Standard Features

Unlimited Category Tree

The documents can be organized across custom categories and subcategories.


Integrates with Joomla 1.6 ACL. Defines users and groups who can perform specific operations such as file upload, tagging, editing or deleting. Also individual documents may be owned and worked with by a specific user, group of users, registered users or simply anyone.

Multi-upload of Documents and Metadata Import

To save you time, multiple documents can be uploaded at once packed in ZIP archive. This archive is automatically unzipped when uploaded to server.

Coming soon: Archive can also include CSV file with document metadata that will be imported automatically.

Integrated Joomla Document Search

Comes with a Joomla search plugin that will search in document titles and descriptions.

Joomla Plugin for Easy WYSIWYG Editor Integration

Coming soon: A special plugin for easy integration with WYSIWYG editors has been added. This allows easy additions of links to JoomDOC documents by a few clicks. No need to search for IDs and create the links manually. Simply click the editor button and choose the document you want to link to.

seo: SEF URLs and metadata

JoomDOC does integrate well with JoomSEF as well as Joomla default SEO functionality. It also supports entering custom meta data, such as meta tags and meta description.

Anti-leech System and Path Protection

The built-in anti-leech system avoids direct linking to documents and also never displays the real file path from Internet users. Your files are this well protected.

License Agreement

Coming soon: Before the downloads, the licensing conditions may be display and you can make the users to agree with them before being able to downlod the files. 

Download statistics and Logs

Coming soon: For each document a download counter can be displayed. Also all downloads can be logged (by user,  IP, browser, date and hour).

Migration from DocMAN/JoomDOC2

This feature is available since JoomDOC 3.2.6. It requires tables of DocMAN/JoomDOC2 presented in Joomla database. For DocMAN are jos_docman, , , and . For JoomDOC2 are , , , and . The prefix jos_ can be different according to your setting. Migrator needs Joomla categories for DocMAN/JoomDOC2 in table jos_categories too. Tables of JoomDOC2 are automatically renamed by JoomDOC3 installer e.q. from jos_joomdoc to jos_joomdoc2. Otherwise you have to rename they manually.

JoomDOC Pro Features

(in addition to Standard version)

document Versioning

All changes to documents can be monitored and are archived automatically. After editing a document or uploading a new version, the previous version is archived automatically and may still be available if needed for change comparisons or reviews. New versions are numbered automatically and may be tagged with a note.

Fulltext Search in DOcuments

Search function does not only search in document title and description, but it also can parse the documents text (DOC, PDF). Integrates well as Joomla search plugin.

JoomDOC Enterprise Features

(in addition to Pro version)

Remote document Editing (using webDAV)

This allows documents from the server to be opened and easily edited in clients computer using the popular tools such as Microsoft Office or Open Office. After making the changes the file is stored back to server automatically.

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