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I think I could not explain what is happening:

I will report briefly below:

- On the home site, appears several links with the following URLs:

News in destaqe at home:
                               URL I am directed to click:

                              URL that the user would be directed right
Correct would be:

Result, the client is directed to a page outside the site, because it ends up going to the area outside of my site.

This error also happens in other ways, always, out of nowhere, some links appear accessible via IP and from then on I only have problems.
URL error: My ip and ...
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Dear, I have a problem that is causing multiple errors, the mistakes is the redirect to pages and links that do not exist within my site.

Access appears as:

Where: is the IP (dedicated) for my domain (the server).

How do I get by accessing via IP, the user is directed to the domain?

Or if this is impossible, how do I block access via IP, if someone tries to access via IP, simply block access.

Waiting your response.
URL error: My ip and ...
Category: Priority Support
Hi, in JED see my solution:

Work perfect JoomSEF and K2, perfect! In use.. now.


dajo wrote:

The Internal Links feature requires support from the component it's used with. K2 probably doesn't notify the Content plugins about item content being prepared.
According to K2 page on JED this should be supported, so try to find some option like "Use Joomla plugins" or something like that in K2 Configuration.

Please let me know if this doesn't help you and I'll check it further.
Internal Link no Wor ...
Category: Priority Support

Now my problem is that the feature Internal links not working. Use the K2 version 2.6 ma and Joomla 2.5.9

I await a solution or a hint.

After suffering for learning to use the tool, I have only praise the team Artio (are hard in the fall issue of documentation could further improve the documentation for version 4.1).
Internal Link no Wor ...
Category: Priority Support

Efetuei informed purchase and use only the domain, which is necessary to test the component, as have many other components in use and the site is already in use.

Its enable to use in a test domain?

I wait.

Thank you.
Domain test no work
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