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There is fix for Bookable Items:

around row 147 there is:
<?php AImporter::tpl('files', $this->_layout, 'files'); ?>

change it to:
<?php include AImporter::tpl('files', $this->_layout, 'files', ADMIN_VIEWS, true); ?>

around row 289 there is:
<?php AImporter::tpl('images', $this->_layout, 'images'); ?>

change it to:
<?php include AImporter::tpl('images', $this->_layout, 'images', ADMIN_VIEWS, true); ?>

around row 83 there is:
AImporter::tpl('template', $this->_layout, 'calendars');

change it to:
include AImporter::tpl('template', $this->_layout, 'calendars', ADMIN_VIEWS, true);
PHP 7 Support
Category: Pre-sale Questions

I cannot change the week in the weekly calendar view. The next week button is not working - the page stay on the actual week, even the quick navigation button (week choose) is not working.

Our system is Linux - Apache - Joomla 1.5.26 and Booking 1.6.1

Could someone help?
Booking 1.6.1 - week ...
Category: Community Support
Oh thank you for reply I have found it :-) But I have downloaded latest version 1.2.16 but in changelog file there is last info about 1.2.15 version... :-/
Changelog ?
Category: Customer Support

is there some Changelog for Booking? I have find out that there is new version of booking but I would like to know what´s new.

Thanks for reply.
Changelog ?
Category: Customer Support

there is bug maybe in the copying the subjects of booking. The subject is copied but the prices are empty and you have to fill again the dates for the prices too (even if it looks that it is predefined ok).

Could you please give me some feedback if it is not working to anyone else? It looks like a bug and I would like to know when it will be solved.

Thank you for response.
Problem with copying ...
Category: Customer Support
I bought B2sync, can I get a user's manual and some advices about How to activatate product?
Problem with product ...
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