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I got the 1.4.10 version of VMinvoice and tried to automatically send invoices.
All my VM emails to show onwner and buyes are send, but the automatic sending from VMInvoice does not work.

I tried to setup a con job as explained in the manual.
Nothing happend.

The moment I set the plg_vminvoice, active to test out if that would be the solution, I got the error written above, the moment the iDeal (=bank) payment is handled correctly and that php returns to my url.
In this case the joomla emailing was set to PHP mailer.
Did not try this with joomla in SENDMAIL.

Please Jan, advise what to do.
Fatal error: Cannot ...
Category: Customer Support
Hello Jan,
I still have the problem that VMInvoce does not send the invoices automatically, despite "automatic" is switched on in de config. dashboard.

Also hoped to be able to download 1.3.

The upgrade TAB shows me this message:
It was not possible to check your registration information. The upgrade server may be temporarily down. Please, try again later.

and it shows:
Version Info
Installed version: 1.1.2
Newest version: Version checker disabled

So what to do?
"Your VM Invoice is ...
Category: Customer Support
thanx, Jan!
FATAL ERROR after pu ...
Category: Customer Support
Hello Jan, thanx for reponding.
@1, in our VM we have user registration set off. The thing is that all billing address info was deleted (=blank) and I was not able to make any changes

@2, ok, I had that 'code' already put in to check on new updates. Despite this it says that my licence is not registered and I do not know where to put the licencode.
"Your VM Invoice is ...
Category: Customer Support
My site is running again.
We went into the MYSQL database, found the plugin and modified it from 1 to 0.

problem as mentioned is not solved.
I guess I will wait before setting it to 'active'.
FATAL ERROR after pu ...
Category: Customer Support
Holy shit, look what happend after setting VM AUTORUN 'active...

Fatal error: Class 'currency_display' not found in /mnt/web2/51/43/52228143/htdocs/webpresentator/videomarketing/administrator/components/com_vminvoice/helpers/vminvoice.php on line 311

I cannot enter my admin and have to go live tomorrow.

help needed!
FATAL ERROR after pu ...
Category: Customer Support
I purchased VM Invoce last week.
Install went smooth and the config was easily set up. (oops I am selling this product, am I?)
The first test order I put in in VM, went also smooth.
Got the invoice in a sec as promissed...

Funny enough, since that one order, all other test orders do not get any invoice send and during doing 'test runs' my VM does not ask me for my address info any more.

Coincidence or bas luck.
Looking at VM INvoice it says "Your VM Invoice is not registered."

1. has anyone got the same idiot response from VM that it does not ask for address info on new order (fills it in itself with rabbish)
2. where can I find and fill in my VMinvoice registration code-thing

"Your VM Invoice is ...
Category: Customer Support
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