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ARTIO JoomSEF Extensions

JoomSEF is written in a modular way and thus is able to work many Joomla! components and generate SEF URLs for these and provide other SEO features. This article includes information on Joomla! components compatible with JoomSEF, types of compatibility and other sources of JoomSEF extensions from 3rd parties.

Joomla! Components Known to Be Compatible with JoomSEF

There are several levels of how Joomla components and JoomSEF are cooperationg together to improve your site overall SEO performance: joomsef native, supported, SEO router, joomla native, incompatible.

For details, please see JoomSEF extensions typology.

JoomSEF Extenstions Available from ARTIO

Extension name License

Compatibility / Note

ABC free J1.5
AdsManager commercial J1.0
AdsManager commercial J1.5
tested with AdsManager v2.5, v2.6beta
AdsManager commercial icon-j2.5
Agora 3 Forums commercial J1.5
Albergi commercial J1.5
AlphaContent free J1.0
AlphaContent free J1.5
Alpha Registration free J1.5
Alpha UserPoints free J1.5
Auction Factory commercial J1.5
Billets commercial J1.5
tested with Billets v4.0.1
Booking free J1.5
Bookmarks commercial J1.5
ccBoard Forum commercial J1.5
Contacts Enhanced free J1.5
Contacts XTD free J1.0
Contus HD Video Share commercial J1.5
Contus HD Video Share commercial J1.6 J1.7 J2.5
Community Builder free J1.0
Community Builder free J1.5
Community Builder commercial J1.6 J1.7 J2.5
Custom Properties free J1.5
DatsoGallery free J1.0
DatsoGallery commercial J1.5
tested with DatsoGallery v1.8.4
Deep Pockets II sponsored J1.0
DigiFolio commercial J1.5
DocMan free J1.0
DocMan free J1.5
EasyBlog free J1.5
cooperation with component author
Estate Agent sponsored J1.0
Estate Agent Improved commercial J1.5
Estate Agent Improved GNU/GPL J1.5
made by component author
EZ Auto commercial J1.5
EZ Realty commercial J1.0
EZ Realty commercial J1.5
EZ Rider commercial J1.5
EventList commercial J1.5
tested with EventList v1.0.1
EventList commercial J1.6 J1.7 J2.5
FireBoard Forum free J1.0
FireBoard Forum free J1.5
FlexiContent commercial J1.5
FlexiContent commercial icon-j2.5 icon-j3.1
FlippingBook commercial J1.5
tested with FlippingBook v1.5.10
Forum sponsored J1.0
Gary's Cookbook free J1.0
requires patching the original component
Gary's Cookbook free J1.5
Glossary free J1.0
Glossary free J1.5
tested with Glossary v2.71
GMaps PRO 2 commercial J1.5
GroupJive commercial J1.5
HikaShop commercial icon-j2.5 compat 30
Huru Helpdesk free J1.5
hwdPhotoShare commercial J1.5
hwdVideoShare commercial J1.5
tested with hwdVideoShare v2.1.11 (rev 504)
hwdVideoShare commercial J1.6 J1.7 J2.5
iJoomla Ad Agency commercial J1.5
tested with Ad Agency v1.6.10
iJoomla DigiStore commercial J1.5
tested with DigiStore v1.6.26
iJoomla Magazine commercial J1.5
tested with Magazine v4.0.1
iJoomla News Portal commercial J1.5
JAffilia free J1.5
JCal Pro commercial J1.0
JCal Pro 2 commercial J1.5
JDirectory commercial J1.5
tested with JDirectory v1.0 Beta 2
jDownloads free J1.5
tested with jDownloads v1.8.1 Beta, v1.8.2
jDownloads commercial J1.6 J1.7 J2.5 icon-j3.1
tested with jDownloads 2.5.24 beta and 3.2.24 beta
JE Comparison Charts free J1.5
JEvents (Events Calendar) free J1.0
JEvents (Events Calendar free J1.5
JForms free J1.5
JMovies free J1.0
distributed with component
JMovies commercial J1.5
Joo!BB Forum commercial J1.5
JoomDOC 2 free J1.5
JoomDOC 3 free J1.5
JoomDOC 3 free J1.6 J1.7 J2.5
JomSocial commercial J1.5
tested with JomSocial v1.8.2, v1.8.5, v2.6.2
JomSocial commercial J1.6 J1.7 J2.5 icon-j3.1
tested with JomSocial v2.6.2, v3.0.3
JomTube commercial J1.5
JoomGallery commercial J1.5
tested with JoomGallery v1.5.6.1, v1.5.7.5
JoomGallery commercial J1.6 J1.7 J2.5 icon-j3.1
JoomShopping commercial J1.5
tested with JoomShopping 2.9.1
JoomShopping commercial J1.6 J1.7 J2.5 icon-j3.1
JoomSport free J1.5
Joomla Tags commercial J1.0
Joomla Tags commercial J1.5
JoomSuite Bill v2 commercial J1.5
JoomSuite Commerce commercial J1.5
JoomSuite Member commercial J1.5
JoomSuite PeopleTouch commercial J1.5
JoomSuite Resource commercial J1.0
JoomSuite Resource commercial J1.5
JoomSuite User commercial J1.5
Jomres (Joomla Residents) commercial J1.0
Jomres commercial J1.5
Joomlaboard free J1.0
JReviews commercial J1.5
JReviews commerical J1.6 J1.7 J2.5 icon j3.1
JXtended Catalog commercial J1.5
Letterman free J1.5
Linx commerical J1.5
Lyften Bloggie free J1.5
tested with 1.1.0, based on code by T. Macus and D. Stainback
K2 free J1.5
K2 commerical J1.6 J1.7 J2.5 compat 30 
Kunena free J1.5
Kunena free J1.6 J1.7 J2.5 icon-j3.1
Marketplace commerical J1.0
Marketplace commerical J1.5
tested with MarketPlace v1.4.6, v2.2
Marketplace commercial J1.6 J1.7
Mister Estate commerical J1.0
Mister Estate commerical J1.5
tested with MisterEstate v1.6.1 stable
Mosets Hot Property commercial J1.0
Mosets Hot Property commercial J1.5
Mosets Tree (1.x) free J1.0
Mosets Tree (2.x) commercial J1.0
Mosets Tree (2.x) commercial J1.5
tested with Mosets Tree v2.1.5
Mosets Tree (2.x) commercial J1.6 J1.7 J2.5 icon-j3.1
tested with Mosets Tree v3.5.5
Music Collection free J1.5
MyBlog 3rd party J1.0
available from
MyBlog commercial J1.5
tested with MyBlog v3.0.332
MyBlog commerical J1.6 J1.7 J2.5
Nice Talk commercial J1.5
Portfol free J1.0
Phoca Documentation commercial J1.5
Phoca Documentation commercial J1.6 J1.7 J2.5
Phoca Downloads commercial J1.5
Phoca Downloads commercial J1.6 J1.7 J2.5
Phoca Gallery commercial J1.5
Phoca Gallery commercial J1.6 J1.7 J2.5 icon-j3.1
Phoca Guestbook free J1.5
Phoca Guestbook free J1.6 J1.7 J2.5
Phoca Maps free J1.5
Phoca Maps free J1.6 J1.7 J2.5
QContacts free J1.5
RafCloud commercial J1.5
RapidRecipe commercial J1.5
RD-Autos commercial J1.5
RD RSS free J1.5
RealEstate Manager commercial J1.5
RealEstate Manager commercial J1.6 J1.7 J2.5
tested with Real Estate Manager 2.2
redEVENT commercial J1.5
RedShop commerical J1.5
Remository free J1.0
Remository free J1.5
Remository free J1.6 J1.7 J2.5
tested with Remository 3.54
RSForm commercial J1.5
RSForm commercial J1.6 J1.7 J2.5
RSGallery2 free J1.0
RSGallery2 commercial J1.5
tested with RSGallery2 v2.2.0
RSTickets! commercial J1.5
RSS Factory commercial J1.5
Simple Calendar free J1.5
Simplest Forum commercial J1.5
SMF Bridge commercial J1.0
SectionEx free J1.5
made by component author
Seyret Video Component free J1.0
Seyret Video Component free J1.5
ShowManager commercial J1.0
SOBI2 commercial J1.0
SOBI2 commercial J1.5
SOBIPro commerical J1.6 J1.7 J2.5
TPDugg commercial J1.5
TPJobs commercial J1.5
TPLancers commercial J1.5
uddeIM commercial J1.5
uddeIM commercial J1.6 J1.7 J2.5
Vehicle Manager commercial J1.5
VirtueMart commercial J1.0
VirtueMart commercial J1.5
tested with VirtueMart v1.1.x, 1.9.8, v2.x
VirtueMart commercial J1.6 J1.7 J2.5 icon j3.1
tested with VirtueMart 1.9.8, v2.x
WordPress commercial J1.5
Zoo commercial J1.5
Zoo commercial J1.6 J1.7 J2.5
Zoom Media Gallery free J1.0

Compatibility J1.6+ means that the extension is compatible with Joomla 1.6 and newer (Joomla 1.7).

JoomSEF Extensions Typology

JoomSEF native extensions

This is the best work and most configurable option; there exists a special extension for the specific component (JoomSEF extensions), written either by Artio, component author or 3rd
party developer; these Joomla! components can use all JoomSEF features and have full support (the list of extensions available from Artio website is published bellow).

supported extensions

Extensions originally written for other SEO components, such as OpenSEF, SEF Advance or sh404sef; these may work, but usually have limited finctionality compared to native extensions.

component with SEO router

Components that have etiher own built-in SEO definitions (include sef_ext.php file or router file); for these components, the URLs are not stored to DB, but translated online; this means that functionality of JoomSEF for these is limited.

native workinG

Ccomponents that can be processed by JoomSEF default handler and work fine even without special SEO code.


Some components can be incopatible with JoomSEF; when SEF is enabled for these, they stop to work correctly or the generated URLs are wrong; such components should be skipped in JoomSEF configuration to prevent problems.

Extensions available from 3rd parties

For more extensions and plug-ins for JoomSEF made by 3rd parties, please visit Artio JoomSEF Plugins category at Joomla! Extensions site.

If you made an extension for JoomSEF and you wish to be made available through or site and onine updating system, please, contact us.

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