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JoomSEF 4.x Changelog

--- 4.7.1 --- [22.11.2017]
Fix - Prevent SEF URLs with duplicate non-SEF URLs being created
Fix - Don't number duplicate homepage SEF URLs when different domains for languages are used
Fix - Changing active handler for components without JoomSEF extension installed
Fix - Pagination string not being translated

--- 4.7.0 --- [31.7.2017]
Fix - Guess Itemid option in Content extension on Joomla 3.7
Fix - Deprecated PHP warnings
Fix - Missing subdirectory in internal links
Fix - Author user ID in 404 page content article

--- 4.6.10 --- [1.2.2017]
Improved - Updated Google Analytics tracking code
Improved - Compatibility with JInput
Fix - Some Strict Standards warnings

--- 4.6.9 --- [10.8.2016]
Fix - Menu item parameters being overwritten by JoomSEF
Fix - SEF URLs for articles editing in Joomla! 3.6
Fix - Handling variables arrays when editing SEF URLs

--- 4.6.8 --- [20.6.2016]
Improved - Trailing slash handling in Joomla! 3
Fix - Support for menu associations in Joomla! 3.5
Fix - Deprecated errors on Control Panel with PHP 7

--- 4.6.7 --- [17.5.2016]
Improved - Option not to add Itemid to URL if the original URL doesn't contain any
Fix - Incorrect Itemid in articles pagination
Fix - "File not uploaded for security reasons" error on Upgrade page
Fix - Deprecated warnings in PHP 7

--- 4.6.6 --- [28.1.2016]
New - Filter SEF URLs by Active column on Sitemap page
Improved - Strict types for SQL queries
Fix - Strict Standards warnings in uninstall script

--- 4.6.5 --- [14.1.2016]
Improved - Redirect to https and www domain doesn't cause chain 301 redirect anymore
Improved - Tags extension: Support for multiple tags in SEF URL
Fix - Some more Strict Standards warnings
Fix - Possible SQL injection
Fix - Removing Joomla! base sub-directory from SEF URLs

--- 4.6.4 --- [10.11.2015]
New - Option to force SSL directly in JoomSEF to avoid chain 301 redirecting
Fix - Language overrides not working on Joomla! 3.x
Fix - Some texts not being translated on Joomla! 3.x

--- 4.6.3 --- [29.9.2015]
New - Option to disable chunked transfer when exporting SEF URLs
Improved - Strict Standards warnings on PHP 5.4 and higher
Improved - Displayed number of items select box in Joomla 3
Fix - HTML characters display in URLs lists
Fix - Using domain in SEF URL if not required
Fix - SQL query for duplicate URLs
Fix - Duplicate domain in URLs for components using own router
Fix - Installing extension automatically from ARTIO server
Fix - HTML entities in internal links

--- 4.6.2 --- [10.3.2015]
Fix - Error with new Joomla 3 component router interface support

--- 4.6.1 --- [5.3.2015]
Fix - ACL permissions check in backend
Fix - Extensions installation on Joomla 3.4 ("sef_ext adapter doesn't exist" error)

--- 4.6.0 --- [3.3.2015]
New - Options to remove and fix canonical links in Joomla 3
Improved - Statistics parsing from Google
Fix - Pagination problem in Joomla 3.4
Fix - SQL error when no accepted currencies selected in VirtueMart
Fix - Support for new Joomla 3 component router interface
Fix - Component router loading isolated from local variables
Fix - Error when Auto Update URLs option was enabled
Fix - Updating validity getting stuck

--- 4.5.6 --- [27.11.2014]
Improved - Added new options for GA tracking

--- 4.5.5 --- [26.11.2014]
Improved - Updated GA tracking code

--- 4.5.4 --- [7.11.2014]
Improved - Caching duplicate SEF URLs (solves problems with cache when using domains for different languages)
Fix - 301 redirects in Joomla 3.2 and newer
Fix - Caching "Use sitename in title" option
Fix - Generating crontab file

--- 4.5.3 --- [18.9.2014]
New - Added option to update Sitemap XML file during cron task
Fix - URLs to non-existent articles are no longer stored in DB
Fix - Calendar field was not displayed correctly in Joomla 3
Fix - Variables filtering rules were not loaded correctly for components without JoomSEF extension

--- 4.5.2 --- [30.5.2014]
Improved - Caching menu items
Improved - Compatibility with Joomla! 3.3
Improved - DB table optimization
Fix - Website crawler recover function
Fix - Fatal error on Joomla! 3.3 when saving configuration
Fix - 404 article creation and language
Fix - Deprecated warning
Fix - DB error when frontend language not set as Content language

--- 4.5.1 --- [8.11.2013]
Fix - Compatibility with Joomla 3.2.0

--- 4.5.0 --- [23.10.2013]
New - AJAX user interface for comfortable URLs editation
New - Tags extension for Joomla 3
Improved - Avoid endless loop with Kunena 3
Fix - Pagination in articles category view

--- 4.4.4 --- [29.8.2013]
Improved - Extensions installer and updater don't require installation anymore
Fix - Query variables of 404 page are not used as non-SEF anymore
Fix - PHP warning in Contacts extension
Fix - PHP warning in Configuration when there's no content language published

--- 4.4.3 --- [26.7.2013]
Fix - Renamed view classes according to new Joomla 3.1.4 requirements

--- 4.4.2 --- [25.7.2013]
New - Custom meta tags for individual SEF URLs
New - Filters in Statistics view
New - Option to count homepage hits
Improved - No language code in URL for main language
Improved - Usage of language code stored in cookie (eg. for VM cart)
Fix - Custom SEF URLs have variables automatically sorted when saved
Fix - "Fix document format" option
Fix - Homepage link display in URLs Manager
Fix - String standard warning in extension view
Fix - Standardized line endings in all files
Fix - Added info to Cache configuration page
Fix - Removed meta title generation
Fix - Limitstart replaced by start for component's router handling
Fix - "Guess Itemid" option in Content extension
Fix - "Check all" checkbox in Joomla 3

--- 4.4.1 --- [15.3.2013]
New - Option to create multiple sitemaps for different language domains
New - Options to always use English texts in standard extensions
New - Option to enable Menu Associations for multilanguage websites
Improved - Database tables are created with utf-8 encoding
Improved - Optimized database query for duplicate SEF URLs
Fix - Problems with AJAX requests being cached
Fix - Aliases redirect for index.php links
Fix - Alias field usage in page titles
Fix - Print article links handling
Fix - New article links handling
Fix - option variable added to pure index.php

--- 4.4.0 --- [11.2.2013]
New - Option to choose HTTPS usage in Sitemap
Improved - Multilanguage domains in Sitemap URLs
Improved - Memory requirements when generating Sitemap XML file
Fix - Links in Help and Support
Fix - Non-existent language handling
Fix - Possible XSS vulnerability

--- 4.3.2 --- [5.2.2013]
Fix - Joomla! update system
Fix - Language detection with File Suffix set to "/"

--- 4.3.1 --- [4.2.2013]
New - Check if Joomla version is supported before installation
Improved - Joomla 3.0 support
Improved - Hide FaLang from Manage Extensions page
Fix - Empty sitename for selected language
Fix - "&" in non-SEF URLs (problem with VirtueMart)
Fix - "www" being displayed in Subdomains configuration
Fix - Duplicate subdomains in configuration
Fix - Warning when saving configuration
Fix - Numeric IDs in common components' URLs
Fix - Non-existent language handling
Fix - Endless loop in menu item alias handling
Fix - Error when component's router doesn't return array

--- 4.3.0 --- [2.1.2013]
New - Compatible with Joomla 3.0, no longer compatible with Joomla < 2.5.6
New - Options to handle mismatched lang and Itemid
New - Option to use 303 code for root URL redirection to correct language
New - Option to change pure index.php to current menu link
New - Option to use Joomla's error page for 404 errors
Improved - Redirect wrong cased URL to correct one
Improved - Support for nested arrays in Alias query
Improved - PHP 5.4 compatibility
Improved - UTF-8 support for Internal Links
Improved - Language detection for non-SEF URLs
Improved - Missing Czech translation strings
Improved - Meta keywords generation for words with hyphen
Fix - Correct sitename for selected language is used
Fix - Fixed article category URLs
Fix - Backlink displayed only in HTML documents
Fix - Czech translation of reset button
Fix - Create links to homepage function
Fix - Nested menu aliases
Fix - Menu title in URLs when Itemid is excluded
Fix - Itemid always parsed as numeric
Fix - Configuration being reset when Permissions are changed
Fix - Possible XSS vulnerability
Fix - Wrong language used in modules
Fix - Displayed URLs and sorting on Statistics page
Fix - Some problems with URLs Auto update
Removed - Pinging Yahoo when sitemap is generated

--- 4.2.9 --- [18.9.2012]
New - Option not to add language code to homepage URLs
New - Automatic VirtueMart currency selection according to language
Improved - Website Crawler
Improved - Content extension uses alias in URLs as default
Fix - Statistics and Analytics not working
Fix - Language domains not being displayed
Fix - Long language codes can be used in URLs
Fix - Saving subdomains in JoomSEF's Configuration
Fix - Handling of www with subdomains and IP
Fix - sid variable being removed sometimes
Fix - Missing slash in base tag

--- 4.2.8 --- [29.6.2012]
Improved - Website Crawler can recover from errors
Improved - Excluded categories in Content extension are case insensitive now
Improved - Recognition of home page URLs
Fix - Handling of missing option variable (fixes payment and shipping selection in VM)
Fix - Errors when ARTIO update server is not available
Fix - Website Crawler - workaround for bug in some versions of PHP

--- 4.2.7 --- [4.6.2012]
Improved - Translate items option for FaLang
Improved - Greek characters in non-ASCII characters replacements
Improved - Added language filter to URLs list
Improved - FaLang support
Improved - Language Filter plugin can be disabled directly from Configuration
Improved - UTF-8 support for meta tags generation
Fix - Manual editation of duplicate SEF URLs
Fix - Add menu title option with FaLang
Fix - Ampersand character in non-SEF to SEF redirection

--- 4.2.6 --- [27.4.2012]
New - FaLang support
New - Option to disable handling of query variables as non-SEF
New - Option to add page number to page title in Content extension
Improved - Support for slashes in Google News numbering for Content articles
Improved - Compatibility with JoomImages module
Fix - Some problems with language on homepage
Fix - Support for magic_quotes_gpc in Configuration
Fix - Unwanted domain redirects on language mismatch
Fix - Prevented double loading of JoomSefLogger class
Fix - Custom menu title not working
Fix - Headers already sent error is no longer displayed
Fix - Problem with certificate for Google Analytics

--- 4.2.5 --- [15.3.2012]
New - Support for page titles in multipage articles
New - Handle mismatch between URL and domain language
New - Sitename in page title option for individual URLs
Improved - Web Crawler
Improved - System variables filter
Improved - Joomla update system for extensions
Improved - Weblinks extension
Fix - Problems with configuration saving
Fix - Caching of SEF Status changes
Fix - Fatal error in Auto Update URLs function
Fix - Wrong menu title when Exclude Itemid was enabled
Fix - Handling of www and non-www domains
Fix - Duplicate suffix with Default Joomla router

--- 4.2.4 --- [21.2.2012]
New - Configuration is now stored in database
Improved - Multilanguage compatibility with Joomla 1.6
Improved - Custom JRoute class loaded only if needed
Improved - Menu item aliases handling
Fix - Menu title for Search
Fix - Recognition of links to home page
Fix - Changed 303 redirects to 301
Fix - Editing articles in frontend
Fix - Automatic canonical link generation option
Fix - Default frontend language
Fix - Opensearch links are not SEFed anymore
Fix - Disabling SEF for individual URLs
Fix - Meta tags on multilanguage home pages

--- 4.2.3 --- [12.1.2012]
Improved - Performance (unnecessary SQL queries removed)
Fix - Problem with Itemid when Default Joomla! router used
Fix - Non-SEF URLs handled by Default Joomla! router
Fix - Warning in JoomSEF's router
Fix - Division by zero error
Fix - Language detection
Fix - Duplicate sitename in page titles
Fix - Meta tags on home page
Fix - Users activation and links
Fix - Default parameters for Wrapper extension

--- 4.2.2 --- [6.12.2011]
Fix - RSS feeds
Fix - Infinite redirect on multilanguage site homepage

--- 4.2.1 --- [1.12.2011]
Improved - Subdomains with multiple languages
Fix - Duplicate domains in URLs
Fix - SSL URLs
Fix - Problems with connecting to Google Analytics

--- 4.2.0 --- [21.11.2011]
New - Configuration separated to Beginner and Professional modes
New - Crawl Web function
New - Statistics and Analytics functions (only paid)
New - Info texts for some less intuitive features
New - Option to log errors in non-SEF URLs
New - Supported extensions may now index URLs in Sitemap automatically
New - Usage of different subdomains for specific menu items
New - Updates may now be run periodically using cron (only paid)
Improved - Administration layout
Improved - URLs import from JoomSEF 3.x
Fix - Problems with Search extension
Fix - Fatal error caused by JoomShopping extension
Fix - Problem with duplicate .html suffix
Fix - Extensions discovery function in Joomla!
Fix - Error in "Show Links to Homepage" option
Fix - Custom menu title not working

--- 4.1.1 --- [6.10.2011]
New - Added possibility to autolock created URLs
New - Added possibility to update SEF URLs when changing content items
New - Added possibility to manage Joomla language URL settings from JoomSEF
New - Added possibility to manage JoomSEF cache
Improved - Possibility to update only filtered metas and URLs
Improved - sh404sef URLs import
Improved - Frontpage pagination
Fix - Fixed problems with Joomla on subfolders
Fix - Internal links don't link to current page anymore
Fix - Fixed AJAX search in yootheme template

--- 4.1.0 --- [6.10.2011]
New - Installing and upgrading through Joomla build-in updater
Improved - Joomla 1.7 compatibility


  • New - First stable release for Joomla! 1.6
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