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ARTIO JoomSEF Version History - Page 2

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ARTIO JoomSEF Version History
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  • New metabot features - define how should your page title be composed and how to you meta tags
  • Optimized URLs for com_search
  • Optimized URLs for com_contact
  • Optimized URLs for com_registration
  • SEF form components for com_search and com_contact may be disabled
  • Fixed problem with image not showing on 404 page
  • Fixed problem when frontpage is not detected if not first item in mainmenu
  • Fixed issues caused by upper/lowercase URLs difference where SEO should be off


  • Added option to accept URLs both with/without trailing slash
  • Added option not to store 404 page hits records to decrease number of SQL queries
  • Fixed some duplicate URLs issues (especially with VirtueMart)
  • PLEASE NOTE that if you have been already using previous versions of JoomSEF, the URL stored in DB might have changed. Therefore, if you do not wish to recreate the URLs already stored in your DB, use the JoomSEF DB upgrade script 1.5.0 to make them compatible with 1.5.0.


  • Fixes further 3rd party extension problems and improves compatibility


  • Fixed upgrade error in PHP4 and added upgrade error messages on write permission problems
  • Added polish language file, upgraded german language file
  • Fixed weblinks notice outputs


  • Fixed XHTML compliance issues with some URIs
  • Basic SEF support for archive items added
  • Fixed problem with duplicating URLs in specific cases


  • Option to exclude often varying variables from stored URLs to reduce the DB size
  • Significant support improvement of OpenSEF and SEF Advance compatible extensions
  • Added option to ignore link sources to reduce number of links to 1 target
    Please note that switching this feature on may affect Joomla functionality
  • Added option to reappend source information as anchor
    Please note that switching this off when previous in on may affect Joomla functionality
  • Fixed pagination problems when not possible to reach first page
  • Other small fixes


  • Safer and more comfortable manipulation with manually edited URLs
  • Manually edited URLs are by default saved as "custom"
  • Your auto-generated URLs will not be deleted if your configuration changes unless you confirm it
  • Improved support for 3rd party components that provide own SEF extentions (sef_ext.php files)


  • Fixed problem with http/https switching
  • Review, tested and updated IIS support
  • Several minor bug fixes


  • Import/export bug fix (compatibility with 1.2.x series and meta-tags support)
  • On-line update feature bug fix


  • Added upgrade capability
  • Added AlphaContent support
  • Added Mosets Tree support
  • Added VirtueMart component support (payed)
  • Added SMF Bridge v1.1 RC3 component support (payed)
  • Added URL filters in admin section
  • Added title, description and keywords metatags for individual URLs
  • Fixed lower-case URL problem with components excluded from JoomSEF processing
  • Duplicate home URL fix
  • Other small bug fixes

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